Specialty Products

Custom design and production solutions.

We are often commissioned to create highly customized products that require specialized design and manufacturing processes. We work closely with a trusted network of talented designers and manufacturers around the world to make a variety of specialty products.

Specialty categories include house-wares, desk ornaments, umbrellas, handbags, candles, silk scarves, drinkware, neon signs, music boxes, and almost anything else you can come up with.

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Recent Specialty Projects

Mau y Ricky

Exceptionally detailed custom keychain for the upcoming 2024 Hotel Caracas album release.

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The Beatles- Desk Ornament

Hand-carved desk ornament featuring Ringo's iconic bass drum. Solid pewter on marble.

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King Tut- Mini Artifacts

A highly detailed collection of miniature interpretations versions of the actual artifacts from King Tut's Tomb.

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Tori Amos- Charm Bracelet

17 custom charms made to replicate charms from the Scarlet's Walk release in 2003.

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Copycats- Coaster

Custom PVC mini record coaster with mini replica slip case packaging.

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Michael Jackson

Custom paperweight for the Fall 2023 Blue Sapphire pop up event in Las Vegas.

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