Nerd Block

2015 set off a transformative period of growth, starting with Pennyroyal's first foray into lower-priced collectibles like pins and keychains.

From 2015 to 2017, Pennyroyal designed and manufactured countless custom collectibles for the now-defunct Canadian subscription box, Nerd Block. The partnership came to a disappointing end when Nerd Block went out of business, but it was an explosive period of growth for Pennyroyal that was ultimately the catalyst to expand into products beyond jewelry.

During this time, Pennyroyal created products under the name"WAX OFF DESIGN" to differentiate from the name "Pennyroyal Jewelry". In 2021, the two were combined under the name "Pennyroyal Studio LLC".

Pennyroyal does not sell any of the old Nerd Block products directly, but they show up occasionally on Ebay.

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