Jane Goodall- Hopecast- Enamel Ornament

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  • Premium quality zinc alloy
  • Polished hard enamel fill
  • 3" wide with smooth rounded edges
  • Satin ribbon attachment
  • Keepsake cotton pouch
  • Custom collectible by Pennyroyal®

What better way to inspire hope during the holidays than to decorate your home with it? This ornament features a beautiful monarch butterfly, which due to its remarkable life cycle — from egg, to caterpillar, to chrysalis, and winged form — has come to symbolize transformation and rebirth. The monarch butterfly is endangered, threatened by herbicides and loss of habitat, and thus represents an opportunity for a transformation in how we each take action to protect the natural world! There is always hope, if we are brave enough to take action.

Dr. Jane Goodall is known for her monarch butterfly printed scarf, which she wears to lectures and events. Wear this t-shirt to support the Jane Goodall Hopecast podcast, and to spread hope in your community!

When you purchase this item, you'll be directly supporting the Jane Goodall Institute in our efforts to protect chimpanzees, other great apes and their habitats, improve animal welfare, support community-led conservation, advance science, as well as to grow the next generation of compassionate young people through JGI's youth program Roots & Shoots.