Pennyroyal Capsule Collections

From 2006-2015, Pennyroyal released several capsule collections, inspired by a broad range of Tim's interests and travels.

Capsule Collections
- Alphabet- 2009
- Sculpture- 2011
- Empire- 2011
- Rampart- 2011
- Sierra- 2014
- Fibonacci- 2016
- Cosmos- 2016

The Pennyroyal Capsule Collections are not currently available.

Photo: The Fibonacci Ring. 2016

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Alphabet- 2009

A collection of hand-pressed letters and symbols to mix and match with silver and bronze. The master models were made from pressed clay, then molded and cast in bronze and sterling silver.

This Alphabet Collection was retired in 2015.

Sculpture- 2011

A range of semi-wearable still-life sculptures inspired by European travels and impressionist style.

This collection is not currently available to purchase.

Rampart- 2011

A collection of handmade interlocking ring structures handcrafted in wax and cast in solid sterling silver. Inspired by chain maille armor.

This collection is not currently available to purchase.

Empire- 2011

An exploration of art deco design themes, juxtaposed with organic, handcrafted textures.

The Empire Collection was retired in 2012.

Sierra- 2014

The Sierra Collection was inspired by several extended camping, fishing, and hiking trips in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

The Sierra Collection was retired in 2015.

Fibonacci- 2016

The Fibonacci collection was inspired by the seed pattern of a sunflower and the natural frequency and balance of the universe.

The Fibonacci Collection was retired in 2016.

Cosmos- 2016

The Cosmos Collection was inspired by the particulate nature of matter and the infinite mystery of the night sky.

The Cosmos Collection was retired in 2016.

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